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The Best Eyeliner for Eye Shape

Category : Makeup

A simple change in your makeup routine can make you look different and even more beautiful. For example, that change can be your eyeliner style, Is it not boring to use either a single liner or double liner in your daily makeup? So why not experiment with different styles? And make a list of styles that not only suits your eyes but also highlights them. So here we are presenting you with trendy eyeliner styles and even opinion on products to try them. So get ready to choose your eyeliner style depending on the shape of your eyes.

Double Wing : With a confident stare, you can now capture the attention of others with Double winged eyeliner style. Surprisingly you just need an eyeliner brush to bring out the effect. Use the brush to draw a perfect flick ending with a narrow wing on the upper lid. Similarly, after darkening the end contours of the lower lid, draw a small wing. It perfectly complements you if you have a perfect pair of almond eyes.

Soft Smoke : Create a dreamy look using the soft smoke eyeliner style which can be used to make small eyes look big. First, select your choice of colored eyeliner it is best to choose a dark shade if you want to make your eyes pop out. Then draw few lines at the corner of the upper lid and use an eyeliner brush to smudge it. If you like use eyeliner to darken the contours of your eye.

Graphic : With a pointy liner draw a narrow line on the upper lid and extend it further to the corners, end it with an obtuse triangle. Make sure to keep an eyeliner remover and cotton bud in handy to accentuate the lines.

Double Mod : Double Mod not only makes you look Chic but gives you a bold look. You really should have some good eyeliner artistic skills to draw these creaseless lines. Use either Colorbar or Maybelline Precision Liquid Liner as the tip of the liner is very narrow and long-lasting.

Colored : Everyone quotes or suggests to others "To add some color to their life", So why not literally show them how colorful we can be? Just use a colored eyeliner style and see their response to it. With newly introduced colored eyeliners into the market, you can now be your own makeup artist. Use of colorful eyeliners as an outline makes you beautiful and daring.

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