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Homemade Hairpacks With Curry Leaves

Category : Beauty Tips

What are the things that come to your mind when you hear the word "Keratin"? Your first few guesses will be hair, a shampoo, curry leaves, etc. So today we are going to make packs out off the above two options from this list. I think you may have already guessed it, in this blog, I am going to suggest Keratin high curry leaves hair packs for your hair.

Regrow : Regrowth of hair is possible when you can strengthen the roots of your hair, make it infection free and provide needed proteins for its nourishment. All these can be possible with this single pack made up of one Onion, piece of ginger, 30ml of rose water, Handful of curry leaves and basil leaves. After blending the items, filter it properly and store it in a glass bottle. Using an earbud or cotton apply it on affected area especially to the roots. Apply it at night and massage your scalp for effective result.

Stop Hair Fall : Thinning hair or Hair fall whatever the name is the end result is bald look. To avoid this situation use the pack composed of Handful of Hibiscus leaves and three handfuls of curry leaves blend. Cover your hair after applying the mixture and after one Hour have a head bath. People sensitive to Hibiscus can just use the mixture of curry leaves and curd.

Solve Graying Hair : Remedy your greying hair by just fry a fresh batch of curry leaves in coconut oil for 10-15 minutes. Cool the mixture and store it in a glass bottle. When you daily apply this oil to the scalp it revives the elasticity of hair follicles and Vitamin B in this oil stops both greying and pigmentation.

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