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A grand wedding where the bride and groom promise a lifelong journey to each other should stay memorable as a fairytale. And a lovely bride makes that bright day, even more, brighter with her grace and exquisite looks. One important part of those graceful looks is hairstyle and choosing the perfect one to enhance your features can be little tricky, but a most important choice. So we present you with few suggestions and hairstyles for your B'day.

Poola Jada : The long plaited braid accessorized with traditional jewelry of hair coins and fresh flowers make the bride look gorgeous. To plait the braid the hair is either divided or made as a puff in the front and using the hair donut a crown is made completing the style with a braid. Bride with short or medium hair can use hair extensions to get an elaborate effect of Poola Jada. In this south Indian bridal hairstyle jewelry like pearls, hair coins, and complete the hairstyle.

Stylish Buns : As a modern adaptation into the weddings buns in ornate styles makes the bride shine like a star on their big day. From curly buns to messy buns and recently introduced floral buns everything is possible in the expert hands of Cheritan stylist. It doesn't matter whether you have a long hair or short hair as we make your desired hairstyle come true.

Curly Hairstyles : With a whip of the curler and simple hairdos, it is possible to look lovely on the functions of your wedding. Sometimes with your curly loose hairs, you can tie your groom into knots. In the front try a small puff or small braids leaving some loose strands in the side and use a small piece of antique hair jewelry to keep the braids in place. In the end, curl the free hair and loose strands completing the allure. And also use a hair protector to protect your hair from any damage due to curling.

Princess Hairstyle : In every dream of a girl regarding their prince charming, they dream of being a princess and a happy ending. And your dream to look like a princess with a tiara on the wedding day can now be possible because of the modern hairstyle techniques. It can be an elaborate bun with twirls and loops or loose braid with little pearls and more. Anything is possible these days to never back down from making your dreams come true.

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